Sonoma County Sudden Oak Death

Sonoma County Sudden Oak Death

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West Coast residents! Worried about sudden oak death? You should be. It’s spreading quickly along the coast and inland.

You need to be alert to signs of disease in any oak trees on your property. But rather than just react, now you can use a free app to assess your own risk.

Free for Android and iPhones in the Google Store and in Itunes, the new app lets you asses your own personal risk based on historical data and your own GPS coordinates. It’s called SOD Map Mope and you can download it now.

If you think your trees may have Sudden Oak Death, you need to act immediately to save your trees and prevent it from spreading. It is treatable through microinjections, but you need a solid diagnosis first.

We can treat your tree today! Call, Email, or Text us to schedule a Video Phone Call.

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