Reliant Systemic Fungicide for Trees 1 Gallon

Reliant Systemic Fungicide for Trees 1 Gallon

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Reliant Fungicide Mode of Action

RELIANT is a systemic fungicide which has both xylem and phloem mobility, in that it will move systemically throughout all parts of plants. It will move from plant roots into the newly emerging shoots and conversely from new shoots into the root system.

RELIANT is absorbed by all plant tissue regardless of where it is applied and is directly fungistatic, in that it slows the growth of the disease pathogen and inhibits the formation of new spores by the pathogen.

When absorbed by the plant RELIANT directly affects plant metabolism by stimulating the production of ATP and ADP along with the defensive response of accumulation of phytoalexins (immune bodies) similar to that in humans. These phytoalexins enhance the activity of the plant's dynamic defense system, causing rapid changes within the cells of lytic enzymes, thickening of cell walls, higher cell pressure and lignification to occur within the cell.

This increase in "plant robustness" is sometimes called "Systemic Acquired Resistence" and can directly offset the onset of pathogen attack. Below is an unprotected cell under pathogen attack.

This very complex mode of action can be simplified into making the plant more “robust healthy, ready to withstand pathogen attack” and environmental stress. 

Other physiological effects observed after applications of RELIANT to various plant species are: bigger blooms, increase in color or intensity of the color of both leaves and blooms, initiation of root growth, larger fruit set or increase on fruit set, auxiliary bud break and a very pronounced observable overall increase in plant health and vigor. All treated plants will demonstrate one of these effects but not all plants will show all effects.

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Field Demonstration Evaluation Trial Result on Tomato- Phytophthora spp.

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Benefits of Strawberry Production RELIANT® Systemic Fungicide

  • • Systemic Fungicidal Protection from any application method: foliar, drip tape, root drench, plant dip, root dip
  • • RELIANT is highly systemic throughout the plant and is both phloem and xylem mobile within the plant
  • • REI and Harvest limitations are "Re-entry and harvest when plant dry"
  • • 72 Hour "Kick Back Disease Control Action" on Red Stele, Phytophthora fragariae, and other diseases attacking strawberries, Mike Ellis PhD. OSU
  • • RELIANT stimulates the plants "SAR" Systemic Acquired Resistance to diseases along with: rooting, blooming, increased fruit set and plant robustness
  • • Tank mixes with other fungicides, insecticides and all fertilizers without compatibility issues
  • • Maximum benefits of RELIANT applications are achieved when applications are made early in the crop cycle where the plant can fully utilize the SAR effect, the root initiation, increased bloom set and fruit setting function
  • • Plant growth effects are visible for several days after application and can be observed in perennial plants upon spring dominancy break

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Doug Sullivan of C & S Farms, London, Ohio, "The best berry crop I have ever raised using the product in the fall to help overwintering and in spring fungicide rotations."

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Aaron Goode, Chesterfield Berry Farms, "phites are an important part of both my greenhouse strawberry transplant and field production for disease control."