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$40.00 for up to 30 minutes
$40 diagnosis fee for up to 15 minutes

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Online tree disease diagnosis process

If we cannot resolve your tree problem or diagnose or tree problem there’s no charge. We will refund your money. Derek has been a certified arborist for over 15 years and has been diagnosing trees for 30 years.
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Professional Tree Diagnosis

A strange blight seems to be killing trees on your property. As you walk around your yard, you notice signs of tree disease spreading to your once aesthetically pleasing pine stands.

What's going on? Before you spend serious money to find out, contact Arborist Tree On Demand. Our experienced professional arborist can diagnose any tree disease and prescribe a plan for treatment. With 30 years of expertise, we offer online tree diagnosis in 15 minutes.

Learn How Our Arborist Diagnoses Tree Disease

Meet Derek, your arborist on demand. He's available to provide you with a tree disease diagnosis. All it takes is four simple steps.

Step #1: Take a photo of the entire tree that's being affected by disease. Make sure to stand a reasonable distance away from the tree in order to show the trunk, branches, and leaves.

Step #2: Take a close-up photo of the area on the tree that's most affected by disease. Get as close as you can while still making sure the photo is in focus.

Step #3: Take a close-up photo of the tree's affected foliage and branches. Again, be sure that the close-up photo is in focus so that our arborist can see signs and symptoms of the tree disease.

Step #4: For $40.00, add tree disease diagnosis to your cart and upload your photos. Our arborist will give you a diagnosis and a 15-minute digital meeting.

If you're ready to get your tree diagnosis, it's time to begin taking pictures! You can easily capture the required images with your smartphone or digital camera.

Get Your Tree Disease Diagnosis Today

Message our experienced arborist, Derek Babcock, for your tree diagnosis today. To get started, hit Add to Cart and upload three pictures of a diseased tree as described above.

Once we have received your information, we'll schedule a face-to-face online appointment to discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan.